Next WIP

Next WIP

I’ve been a bit lazy with posting; yes, I know. But I am still here and alive, and working away on my next story. My last two stories are part of a longer series of taboo literature I’ve been having some fun with. I decided to make the first part free in the hopes it would draw interest for Part II of the story and increase sales. It turned out to be a good idea. The first part was a fairly short scene, and really wasn’t selling. But once I made it free, I got a massive number of downloads. Over the past week, after folks read the first part (I presume), the sales of Part II really jumped up. I’m going to continue with the series, as I have some naughty ideas about part III (plus, there is something fun about building a bit of character development into smut; which is not easy to do with one-off stories). But Part III is going to have to wait a couple weeks as I decided to first write another short story with a different twist…

What lays ahead? Well, a little BDSM this time. Something I’ve not written about before, but I’m very curious to see how the response to this genre might appeal to potential readers. I don’t want to give away the details just yet, but I hope to have it completed relatively soon. Heading down South to visit family next week, so my plan is to square it away before then. There really is nothing more exciting than to see people buy your work; even if its not a massive best-seller. And lately, I’ve been getting more downloads and buys than ever before. Perhaps I’m getting better? I guess time will tell!

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