Some New Naughty Stories…

Some New Naughty Stories…

I’ve recently published a couple new stories on Smashwords, that are especially naughty (and yes, taboo-themed, so they’re only for the brave of heart)!

The first is called “Taboo Homecoming: Which Sis is Best,” and tells the sordid tale of a brother coming home to his two sisters after years away in the Congo on volunteer work. I wrote this short story in three scenes, each from a different character’s perspective, and it’s sure to excite. Check it out here:

One Brother, Two Sisters, and a Whole Lot of Fun!

The second is called “Family Rules: The Glendale Family Taboo Series,” and tells the first part of a series of stories of the very close knit, and rule-abiding, Glendale family. The second part should be published in about a week, and I think you’ll agree, its kinky, dirty, and wrong in all the right ways. Check it out here:

The Glendale’s Believe in Rules

Be warned, this is niche literature, and it is fantasy for those who find taboo-themes to be exciting. If you read and enjoy, please leave a review on Smashwords. Thanks!

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