A little something about me…

A little something about me…

Because I write erotica, I necessarily have to be a bit secretive about myself. Friends, family, colleagues in my day job, would not look too kindly on what favorably would be called explicit erotica and not so favorably as smut. It would in many respects shatter their notions of who I am as a person, primarily because it would reveal an aspect of my life that’s discordant with their image of me: a kind person, a good friend and listener, and someone full of empathy for the struggles, tribulations, triumphs, and pain we naturally all share.

I wonder if at some point in the future, I could be honest about all of me, with everyone. To this day, there are maybe one or two people who have heard all of my secrets — and to be sure, I have many secrets. But then part of what makes life livable sometimes, at least I think, is that we each are given the opportunity to craft a mask that typifies how we want to be seen. It’s scary to be seen truly naked with all of our imperfections and desires available for review and judgement. Sometimes, the mask slips, at least with special persons. When that happens, I suppose some would call that love.

To close, I think I’ll share one of my favorite quotes about love, which says something along the lines that love is giving someone the ability to destroy you and trusting that they won’t. Trust is so hard to find these days. And sometimes, its even harder to give.

Perhaps we just need to be more willing to trust.

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  1. Very nicely put, Steph. 👍🌹 Especially in erotica, it is more comfortable and even appropriate to use a pen name. I for one prefer it on blogging. I feel freer to write whatever I want without a judging eye at “me.” But you are right about love. It strips away the mask and makes us vulnerable in ways we would never be with anyone else. That sounds like a lovely theme to write about, what do you think? 😉😉

  2. Indeed, it is a lovely theme, and one found in my first long work (underway at the moment)! 20,000 words on the page so far, but likely another 80,000 till its finished. I’m hoping to publish in about 3-4 months.

  3. 60,000 words in 3-4 months, plus editing? You work mighty fast, Ms Beau. I wish you all the best with it! Please share a link when you’re done. Btw, another way to promote your work on your blog is to publish flash fiction erotica directly on the blog that may or may not be published in the future. It gives readers an idea of your style and can be a teaser for them to see if they want to read your longer work. I know I would certainly be interested in any flash fiction erotica you’d have to share, Steph. 😊😊

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