On the Precipice

On the Precipice

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The “Ladies of the Night” series recounts the actual, real-life adventures of Manhattan’s famed escorts, often told from their unique perspective and with a dark twist.

In Stephanie Beau’s erotic short story, she recounts Katherine’s intense encounters with a mysterious and wealthy husband and wife (John and Sandy). 

In Chapter One, Katherine receives a surprising invitation from Sandy, who arranges a duo with Katherine and her husband, but is told that she will be bound, blind-folded, and not permitted to speak. Arriving at the hotel, Katherine is first ravaged by Sandy as the husband waits in the shadows. Freed from her blind-fold, Sandy finally meets the cold, domineering husband, who proceeds to use Katherine for his most basic needs. 

In Chapter Two, Katherine is invited to a tall tower in Midtown, where she finds two chairs facing each other feet apart and bindings for her hands and feet. Tied to the chair, she is reluctantly forced to endure watching husband and wife pleasure each other just out of her reach. Driven into a frenzy of lust, Katherine breaks her bindings to finally pleasure herself.

In Chapter Three, Katherine is invited to the couple’s Hampton beach house, where John has asked to see her alone. But they are not alone, as John’s attendants watch as Katherine and John tease each other with ice-cold sorbets, the flavors mixing with the partners’ juices. In a twist, Sandy arrives home to find Katherine on her knees before her husband. Angry and hurt at this unexpected betrayal, she departs as Katherine and John resume their tryst outside. In a thunderstorm, Katherine finally unites with John in the most intimate way, only to discover wife is watching from a perch on the house. Cuckolded by her own husband, Sandy can only sit and watch in tears. And seeing the grieving voyeurism of Sandy ignites a fire in Katherine’s belly as she brings John to his strongest climax.

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