My latest story is out!

My latest story is out!

Check it out here:

Amanda was both the best and worst kind of new wife. Her 22-year old body was perfect and untouched, but for two-years, she had given Jack — wealthy financier, philanthropist, and Greek Adonis — nothing more than a kiss, and even more cruelly, denied him even the comfort of his own hand. Then there was Karen, Amanda’s one-time friend and “bestie.” Hoping to see the man that Amanda had stolen from her, and the one man she desired above all else, Karen agrees to be Amanda’s “last” bridesmaid. 

But this wedding night does not end as any of them expected. Amanda causes a scene after having too much to drink and promptly passes out on stage. Jack and Karen carry the hapless new virgin bride to a moonlit beach-side bungalow, where Jack confesses his frustrations. Karen feels her own frustration and anger. Jack should be hers! 

Taking control like she never has before, she seduces Jack, as Amanda sleeps on her wedding night bed. Bodies joined, and their passion unrestrained, Amanda is awakened to their dark sin. Shocked but at the same time driven by an unspeakable lust, Amanda, reluctantly at first, joins in to be given a lesson by Karen on how to truly please her husband. And Karen does not forget Amanda, and with Amanda’s white wedding dress on, deflowers her once best friend and now hapless lover. 

The trio learn that in love, sometimes one’s wants — and most primal desires — must take reign.

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